Be water.
A melt from capped peaks,
Gaining speed. Taking with you, a bit of everything. Making a mark without making a mark.
And as you approach
The pebbles sing.

Be water.
Deep, mysterious.
Familiar. A sorceress.
Quenching. Teaching. Soothing.
Music-making. Amorphous.
The dew of dawn. A drop of rain.
A roaring waterfall.

Be water.
But when you take the shape of things
Remember who you are when distilled.
And i hope you know
– uncontained, uncontainable –
That you can be vapour, as much as you can be ice.

Be water.
I want to say don’t be transparent
But that’s not correct. Transparent, muddy, what does it matter?
Instead I’ll say don’t be invisible. Don’t. You mustn’t be that for long.

Even when you choose to be still
Let them know
That there undercurrents below
That despite the tsunami and the storm
The stillness
Is also your force.

~ (c) Vinitha,
23 days of writing poetry, today’s prompt: water
(April 23, 2019)