We received the book People Called Mumbai at school. I presume that it was sent by you. Thank you so very much. We had a holiday today so I brought it home to read. And I was hooked. There is so much to learn about Mumbai, put together in an interesting fashion! It was like being transported to story land, only that the stories happened to be real. Such a lovely resource Vinitha……I loved reading the book and will certainly share it with teachers and students at our Udayachal School.

Binafer Chhoga

Principal, Udyachal Primary School, Vikhroli.


We have worked with Vinitha in various avatars – starting with her joining the Advisory board of The Writer’s Bug Literary festival for children, as children’s author and faculty for creative writing. She has been a constant support to us in all our endeavours and her deep understanding of the publishing industry has provided us with valuable insights at every juncture. As an author her stories are sensitive and speak an innocent language that is very refreshing. Her workshops–be it storytelling or creative writing are a perfect blend of imagination, fun and deep learning. She is passionate about nature which is clearly reflected in her stories and columns. She is not just an advisor to us but also a warm, compassionate and a loyal friend.

Richa Sethi

 Co-Founder, GetLitt! (Writer’s Bug Learning Pvt. Ltd)