All creative people are shy people. I am, too. Yet when it comes to stories I am transported to a different space. Have I told you this? I can conjure stories. Give me a word, any word. I can build a story around it. And this is how I started writing stories. I would be pulled out of class in school whenever the teachers were in a meeting or were busy. Because if I was in front of the class, I could weave a story and keep the class silent. And later, my need to gift these stories to as many children as possible, let me to do storytelling sessions. And these led to more. Today I conduct powerful workshops for children and adults.


I do:

1) Imagination-building, interactive storytelling workshops
2) Creative writing workshops for children
3) Creative Writing workshops for media professionals
4) Storytelling and Creative Writing in the Classroom: Workshops for Teachers

For more information, please get in touch with me on: [email protected]