Skin burning, eyelids leaden.
Hot air.
Hot air in, hot air out.
Exhale. Searing the skin of my nostrils.
When you breath in fire
One cannot but breathe out fire.

The whirrr of the fan.
Cooked air circulating.
In the swirl of heat
My eyes have shut yet again
I can’t move
In the gumminess of 42 degrees

A fly out there.
Inserting a drone, Stirring the inertia. Sweat trickling slowly
from the small of my back.
Heat is a weight, did you know?
It sits on you.
Pressing persistently from all sides.
It expands and contracts, living slowly.

The leaves are still.
In the white light of a tropical summer
Even the crow wont dare to pierce.
This is sugar syrup,
A fly caught in a web
The more you struggle
The deeper you are caught
In its vicelike grip.

I need air conditioning to think.

~(c) Vinitha
#day 8 #napowrimoxnidhscraps @harnidhk