I love that you fwd my WhatsApp messages
To your inbox
Because you want to read every word i say
Every forward i send
Like the raindrops I collected
From the grills of my window
After the rains were over. Every drop is the sky.

I love that your password
Is new
And it has my birthday on it
And the year we met.
All the cardsdiamondsendearmentsflowersstars in the world
put together could not have been more eloquent.

I love that you let me go
Not following me as i walk in wonder
Among the trees.
The kite flyer is in tune with the wind
the urgency of the taut string in his hands, and
the piece of coloured paper in the sky.
Reeling it in, spooling it out
Knowing when to let go,
knowing that the crushed-glass coated manjha can break.

(c) vinitha
day 2, April 2, 2019