You and I, for a year
We’ve been circling each other
Drawn by attraction.
Fascinated by the broken constellation we have become
But what is attraction before fear?

Repelled by memories of love
And the knowing that
Resolute, perfect, lifelong-lifelong-guaranteed love
Can break.
Can be as sharp as the jagged ends of shattered glass
Hurtful, brittle, cruel
You and I, we’ve known this too.

We circle each other.
One step forward, three shuffles behind
Heart poundy, eyes widened, feet unsure
You and I, our thoughts are stars
We can’t design this constellation

I wish I were the moon
I wish you were the vast ocean
I would have seen myself in your waters
While I rode the tide
Yet we are indefatigable
Because we circle each other
Learning unlearning yearning.

And then sometimes I am the moon
And you are the moon as well
We, scarred, watch each other warily
We wax and wane together
Orbiting our pain
Drawn by our beauty and disdain
You and I
Circling each other.

In a world of long winters and endless ruins
You and I, we know
That this earth wasn’t built for humans
And we survive
Only if we figure how to navigate the ruins
And it’s aftermath

All I know of heaven and
All I know of living
In this elegant universe
Ceaseless in motion
In its passage of time is
That we circle each other in
Remembered pain
Wondering what lesson to not learn
From a moth and the irresistible flame.

Aug 1, 2018