Mumbai For Kids with Vinitha

I’ve done the happiest things in my life with my kids. Here’s a secret that I don’t even let myself into: I’m gypsy by heart. I explore places more for myself than for my kids. My children were/are a front.

And that’s how my column Mumbai for Kids With Vinitha started. I was with the kids when Fiona Fernandez, then Features Editor of Midday and a friend, called. We were, as usual, exploring some spot in Mumbai and having fun. And that’s how through a germ of a conversation MFK took took: would it be possible to explore and review spaces in Mumbai that all kids in this mad, crowded city could access? Were there enough places to go to?

And with that, in 2014 the column took off. Initially a weekly and later, when the terror of deadlines loomed, a fortnightly.

I may or may not have said this before, but MFK is more than a column for me. My kids saw the finest places thanks to my column. Season 2 of Mumbai for Kids, took off with my picture on the column, took off June 2016 and its going strong. I worry: will I exhaust finding new places for kids in Mumbai? Will I? Well, I’ll cross that bridge when it comes. Until then, enjoy.

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