About me


When I was little, I found stories. Rather stories found me. I listened. I found happiness, comfort, wisdom, teaching and people who would be friends, even if you judged them. As I grew, as I learnt to speak, I discovered another thing — I could weave stories of my own. Give me a word, and I could weave a story around it. I was hooked.

To me the world and everything in it is a story. Stories spin magic. I think they do for everyone, too. That is why the best way to connect to an infant or the CEO of a corporate conglomerate is through a story. Try it.

I learnt to believe in magic, to believe and know that there are happy endings, to know how to save myself in the desert with only a shard of mirror and a flask of water, how to identify poisonous frogs, how to open a door with a hair pin, how to make friends with magical creatures, to see through a disguise and many more useful (and not-so-useful) things through stories in books.

I’m blessed; I have been writing stories that have been published. A few of my stories are now part of the CBSE and ICSE curriculum and that thrills me no end! I go around the country being introduced as a children’s author and it feels like I am living a dream.

I have two children who think the world of me and the world of books. We read together, we journey together to lands that books take us to, we build our lives with and without words.

Welcome to my world.
For invitations, speaking requests and inquiries: [email protected]