Can you tell me who you are?
Can you tell me your name?
Can I tell you who I am?
Can I re-spell maisha sans refrain?
Tell me, can we start again?

Do you know the things you’ve done for me
Are things you don’t even know?
Do you know when you walk beside me
(Even in my head)
I walk taller. I want to grow.

I’ve waited for you for so long
That I no longer believe you can be true.
Do you know how long I’ve waited for you?
Apparitions, fiction hero, dragon rider, mirage… et tu!

Tell me, tell me who you are.
I know it. But tell me anyway again.
I’ll tell you more stories
I’ll hold all yours.
I’ll sing you songs with my pen.

(C) Vinitha, June 25, 2019